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chapter 11 reflection

March 20, 2013


I learned about developing new products, changes in customers needs, and how companys adapt to that. I think the hardest to keep up with would be fashion. There is always so new “look” coming out and things go in and out of fashion so fast, example Muck Boots they were all the rage for a while and now you hardly see anyone wearing them. I know a lot of Innovators,they always have to have the latest new cel phone or computer. They dont need one but they like to show you thatthey have the latest and greatest and I have decided that I’m a Laggard because, as you guys can probably tell by now I’m not very good at new things like blogging. I usually find something I like and dont change until it is discontinued.  I was also very interested in the product life cycle  likehow the product is at its peak in the maturity stage, which is usually when i start buying it and then goes into the Decline Stage. That explains why everything I find that I like is discontinued shortly after.


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