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chapter 11 reflection


I learned about developing new products, changes in customers needs, and how companys adapt to that. I think the hardest to keep up with would be fashion. There is always so new “look” coming out and things go in and out of fashion so fast, example Muck Boots they were all the rage for a while and now you hardly see anyone wearing them. I know a lot of Innovators,they always have to have the latest new cel phone or computer. They dont need one but they like to show you thatthey have the latest and greatest and I have decided that I’m a Laggard because, as you guys can probably tell by now I’m not very good at new things like blogging. I usually find something I like and dont change until it is discontinued.  I was also very interested in the product life cycle  likehow the product is at its peak in the maturity stage, which is usually when i start buying it and then goes into the Decline Stage. That explains why everything I find that I like is discontinued shortly after.


chapter 10 reflection

Inn this chapter I learned about the importance of watching a specific product under a brand name for performance to decide weather to increase your companies breadth or decrease it. I also learned the difference between depth an breadth because I always thought that they were the same. I also learned the importance of packaging even thought it still makes me mad when I have to have a tool box to open it

chapter 9 reflection

In this chapter I learned the many ways that marketers collect data. Since I’ve started this class every time I see a commercial i reflect on all the work that has gone into deciding what their final product is going to be. To me it is mind blowing

chapter 8 reflection

I was really impressed by the use of different types of segmentation I guess when you watch a commercial you don’t think about the whole process that goes into a marketing campaign. This chapter explained how you want to set your target market and how the uses of multiple segmentation can really boost your product to the for front

chapter 4 reflection

In this chapter I learned about the marketing environment . i always here people refer to generation x and generation y but I never really understood which people that included. i never thought, as I am going into business for myself, about really looking at each generation and getting into their heads so to speak.  the other thing I though was interesting was not only the country culture but the regional culture. I knew that in parts of Africa that traditions and customs range from village to village and what is acceptable in one might not be acceptable in the next. But I never linked it to marketing

chapter 6 reflection

first i learned the US government spends too much money on producing goods and services. Working for the state i sometimes have to follow the B2B buying process. recently I had to search for a propane vendor. I had to figure out 1. how much do we need? 2. what type did we want 3. I had to send proposals to three different vendors to get contract pricing 4. i had to submit proposals to my financial admin office for them to select a provider. 5. We then submitted a min quantity that we would purchase at an as delivered price. 6. I have to keep tabs on these guys to make sure they keep the tank on an auto refill because if we run out it is a very expensive process to repair the damage. I then have to report this back to finance and then they decide if we use these guys again. we were following B2B buying process and I didn’t even realize it. This chapter was very informative

chapter5 reflection

In this chapter I learned about what things a marketer looks at in a customer and what things influence our buying decisions. I learned that I impulse buy way more than I should and that I should do more external searching before purchasing because I have limited resources and a lot of times I buy due to price and not durability