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Chapter 12 reflection

March 31, 2013

In this chapter I learned that there are a lot of Gaps in customer service. Every where I go I look at how employees of stores could do better very easily. Like yesterday when I was at Farm and Fleet, I was looking for a antibiotic ointment for one of my horses I had three different people tell me where it was, and it wasn’t there, and after wasting a lot of time I found it myself. And then I went to Wal Mart and stood in line forever while three associates stood and chatted. There are very easy solutions to these problems but I guess they don’t care. All you would of had to have done for the first one is either train your employees to familiarize themselves with the store or just call someone who would know. The second one just have your managers watching and when more than three people are in a line just open another register.


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